The Invisible Fight

Have you ever written a poem? I’ve written a few over the years. It’s a good way to get feelings out that you didn’t even know were there. It’s also fun to write on a topic from time to time. It used to be a saying of mine that I could write a poem on any topic. As an adult I don’t claim to be able to do it on anything now. But one could always try. Tonight, I’ll write a poem just for fun and leave it for you to read.

The Invisible Fight

In all my life I never once thought that a virus could control us all.

I remember one Halloween years ago, my husband couldn’t wear a mask in the casino because his face couldn’t be seen.

Now in 2020, if you don’t wear a mask, you could be turned away or told to leave.

It’s crazy, this new world we live in. Makes one afraid to go out again.

All the things that we loved to do, are either closed or are now just drive-throughs.

Your daughter needs to go to the emergency room. “Okay, we’ll take her; you can wait in the car.”

Need a regular appointment, hope you have internet; it’s video appointments now.

Getting cabin fever and being stuck, have proven to be very rough.

Things I’ve missed—here’s the list. The ocean, live bands, eating at a restaurant and having service, now even drive-throughs make me nervous. Karaoke, how I miss the sound of voices carrying across the bar, playing pool and sometimes darts.

I miss not apologizing when in a store, if I happen to need something next to someone four feet away, not six. I miss people not freaking out if someone coughed ’cause they had allergies, and no other reason.

Finding myself missing minor things too, like getting my nails done and a pedicure for fun. Just to feel pretty and pep myself up. Sometimes in life you need a pick me up.

Who knows the things you all are missing? Just know you’re not alone on your mission.

Finding things to ease the boredom, fill the void and pass the time. Okay let’s start with trying to make a rhyme.

Other things your interests could hold; a book, a video game, if you’re so bold. Woodworking, coloring, at home karaoke, baking, cooking, cards and dice. Any of those options might be alright.

Hold your head high, it won’t be long and maybe life as we knew it, might someday come back on. Until then, don’t fret, and use your phone. Text, or call those you haven’t seen, since the start of COVID-19. I know it’s tough but hang in there. Don’t let COVID-19 get the best of you, no matter where you are. Be strong and hold tight as we all battle this invisible fight.

Kimberly Mays


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