Finding Your Joy

Have you ever had a dream of becoming someone better than who you are? I’ve had that dream—many times. I was a mother, a wife and a caregiver.

I wanted more; everyone wants more, right? At sometime or another I think everyone does. I guess for me, writing is the key to that. I’m a good artist; I can paint, sketch and wood burn. All talents I discovered when I was down and couldn’t do anything else. Truthfully, those things saved me from depression and self-pity during a difficult time in my life. I can tell a tale now and it serves as an outlet for my pent-up feelings and dreams of what could’ve been. I hope it also serves as entertainment for those who’ll read it.

The last two years I’ve lived in AvaLynn’s world, which evolves at a rapid pace. I love it there, creating characters in the first book and a town in my second. Turns out I loved doing that; it was quite fun and something to be proud of. I’ve finally found my calling and if it makes others happy to read it, that’s icing on the cake.

I’m looking forward to my future and what might happen in the books I write. All I can say is that I’m a lucky girl. I say that often to keep me grounded, but I am lucky. Having close friends who have lasted through the years makes a huge difference in my life. But, having a husband who supports every whim of mine—that’s awesome.

I knew him when he was nine, how weird is that? I didn’t see him since then, and then one day, years later, there was this gorgeous guy joining a poker league I was in. I just kept thinking how good looking he was. He was sitting in his car one day after a tournament, karaoke was playing in the bar. Walking right up to the driver’s door I said, “I know you. I just don’t know from where.”

After talking for a while, we put it together. His family had moved and now he was in front of me, a full fledged adult and quickly he became a close friend. I was married at the time, trapped in an unhappy relationship. That is a story for another day. I ended up getting a divorce and moving on in my life with Larry. We’ve been together ever since.

When a door closes a window opens, and with that he brought peace and promise to me. He wanted to marry me; over three years he asked three times, but I wasn’t ready. Then came a time we were bowling and a friend needed to talk with me outside. When I came back in, the lights were dimmed, there were tea light candles lit on the tables and rose petals surrounding them. Larry was on lane seven waiting for me. He was dressed in black slacks and a black button up shirt.

Holding a microphone in his hands he began, “This has been a long time coming.” He asked me to marry him, kneeling on one knee in lane seven. All our friends and family cheered when I said yes. Looking back I don’t know why I waited; fear I suppose, mostly.

I don’t regret saying yes to the third proposal in lane seven. If asked if would I do it again, I’d say yes over and over. He is the true love of my life, my soulmate. I’d do anything for him; he simply makes me a better person. I couldn’t imagine my life without him; he holds my heart and soul in his hands.
Okay enough of the sappy bowling alley love story and back to what I was saying.

If you’re not happy, find the one thing, or many things, that make you happy. If you try something and fail at it, try again, or even try something else because maybe that wasn’t your thing. If you’re lucky enough to have your outlet, keep practicing. I won’t say practice makes perfect, perfect is a tall order after all. But practice does make better, and better still. Find the thing you love and expand, it’s a big world with lots to choose from, like a very big candy store. Find something you not only enjoy, but something you love and feel passionate about. Everyone deserves something to call their own.

Kimberly Mays

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