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Realm Overlay Series, Book One
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Three nights in a row, now; the same strange dreams. At least I thought they were at the time. Unnatural creatures in the woods, a spirit who lives in the lake and the really odd blending of dreams with reality. I think I'm losing my mind…

* * *

Living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, AvaLynn has everything she thought she wanted. She owns a successful art gallery and lives in a lakeside house. Having lost her parents a few years before, AvaLynn considers her closest friends her family now.

But everything changes when she starts seeing and hearing inexplicable things at the lake. She thought they were dreams, but physical evidence is mounting that proves they are real. She’s not sure who she can turn to. Will her friends believe her? And what about the mysterious and handsome Luke who just came into her life? Is he the source behind these strange occurrences? Or is he her savior?

AvaLynn soon discovers that life in the Dream Realm is equally as complicated, if not more so, than the real world. The realm overlay becomes so natural as she seamlessly moves between the two, she begins to wonder which is actually real. Or is it possible they're both real?

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Realm Overlay Series, Book Two

Coming early in 2021!